Want a Booth at The Summer Fair?


This event will be the first of it's kind with extremely low cost booths, with the purpose to foster a sense of community among cannabis farmers, edible makers and processors of all types by charging very little for booths and having no attached cup or competition. Our goal is to connect the public with the broadest variety of cannabis products, to create a link between Oregon's amazing cannabis industry and others engaged in non-cannabis craft production, and, of course, to have fun at the fair! We expect an enormous turnout to this event but booth space is limited.

You qualify to have a booth if:

  • You are a grower or processor - if you are an extractor you must be on the OHA extractors list
  • You are registered with the Oregon Secretary of State
  • You have a name, logo and other marketing materials
  • You are growing or producing in a non-residential location
  • You are distributing your products to licensed dispensaries, or at, at a minimum, be in the process of placing your product in stores
  • You are working with a lab to ensure that your product is safe and has been tested

Booths at this event will cost $500.00- what a steal! - and come with a table, a backdrop and enough placement notice to plan for how you will decorate and man the booth.

Phone Number
Phone Number

If you have already submitted your information and would like to pay for your booth, please email Steph at stephbarnhart1@gmail.com.